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RV Park Amenities to Look for When Choosing a Campsite

RV Park Amenities

Novice campers may assume an RV resort is simply somewhere to park for the night... True pros, however, understand the benefit of choosing a luxury RV park over a basic campsite.

Raise the bar on your camping experience.

Here are 9 compelling reasons to opt for luxury RV park amenities over the basic park-and-stay sites. Understanding what is possible will empower you to enjoy the best stay available during your next trip.

1. Full Bathhouses

It's first on the list for a reason, RV park amenities should always include multiple full bathhouses. This one amenity alone will ensure you have the comfort you deserve.

Multiple bathhouses will prevent you from waiting in line to use a toilet or shower. This vital amenity also keeps you from the potential inconvenience of having your only bathroom "out of order."

A luxury RV park should always include multiple full bathhouses complete with dressing rooms, showers, and clean, fully-stocked restrooms.

2. A Resort Style Pool

The opportunity for a refreshing dip is a welcome reprieve from a long day of travel. At Canopy RV Resort, we keep everyone in mind with fun water features for the kids, shaded chaise lounges, and a resort-style pool with a sun deck.

Enjoy some needed family time or simply relax while you soak in some sun.

3. An Exercise Facility

At Canopy RV Resort, we take your health and well-being seriously. As with any top-notch RV campsite, we offer a fully-equipped exercise facility so you can work out during your stay.

Our exercise facility is complete with dumbells, aerobic equipment, treadmills, weight machines, TVs, and 24-hour key-card access. No need to set aside your health and fitness goals while on the road. We've got you covered.

4. Furry Friend Amenities

Traveling with a pet? A great RV campground will provide amenities for everyone in your family...including your fur babies.

At Canopy RV Resort, we have two separate shaded dog parks for large and small canines. We also offer washing stations so your adventurous pup can enjoy his or her own bath during your visit.

The convenience store is also stocked with pet treats and food. We make sure your furry friend can get plenty of exercise by offering walking trails throughout the park and the surrounding green belt.

RV park amenities should always include ample amenities for your pets.

5. Excellent WiFi

While staying at an RV campsite, you don't just want WiFi; you want excellent WiFi. Arguably one of the rarest and most valuable RV park amenities is fiber-optic connectivity.

Not only will your service be more reliable, but it will be faster.

Take care of work, check your emails, post to Instagram, and FaceTime your mother, all with the luxury of fiber-connected WiFi you can count on.

6. A Convenience Store or Market

A convenience store on-site is pivotal no matter how long you plan to stay. Forget chocolate for your s'mores? Run out of toilet paper? Need more body wash?

Don't sweat it.

A luxury RV park will have all your basic essentials covered within its on-site convenience store.

Spare yourself an unnecessary trip to a grocery store. Save time and money, and simply grab what you need right where you are.

7. Recreational Fun

Even the most exciting camping trips can sometimes do with a break from the typical on-road attractions. Stretch those legs and hit a trail, play some pickleball, or horseshoe, or take your kids to the playground during your RV park stay!

RV park amenities are not complete without some form of recreational options on site. Research has shown that sitting too long (such as during a road trip), increases your risk of DVT or deep vein thrombosis.

DVT occurs when a blood clot forms in the veins of your legs due to a lack of movement and circulation. Spare yourself from this dangerous condition and get moving while staying at our RV resort.

8. Social Spaces

Whether you're camping with a group or out on a solo trip, sometimes a little socializing is a welcome opportunity.

Community spaces like clubhouses, grills, kitchens, or pavilions can be a nice way to chat it up with your RV comrades.

Social spaces also add a greater sense of community and friendliness to the park. This is especially nice if you're planning a longer stay at your resort.

Enjoy gathering places to watch the game, cook a meal, swim, or recreate.

9. On-Site Laundry

Odds are you've traveled long hours to arrive at your RV resort. Having a clean set of clothing is essential to feeling refreshed and comfortable. This is especially true for campers traveling with children prone to spills and messes.

Before settling into your next RV campsite, be sure it offers on-site laundry.

On-site laundry will save you money and the hassle of finding a nearby laundromat. Wash towels, bedding, and clothing and enjoy greater comfort and convenience by choosing a resort with this essential amenity.

Enjoy the Best RV Park Amenities

All the best RV park amenities are available to you when you stay at Canopy RV Resort. We take your comfort, health, and happiness seriously, which is why we work hard to make your stay with us the best possible.

Our team of professionals is here to meet all your camping needs. We make sure you feel safe, welcome, and taken care of.

Contact us today to learn more about what our luxury RV park has to offer or to reserve your stay!


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