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8 Best Travel Tips for New RV Owners

best travel tips

The open road is buzzing with excitement, and more people than ever are choosing RVs for their next trip. In fact, almost 57% of travelers are planning an RV adventure in 2024. They appreciate the convenience, flexibility, and lower costs of RVing.

Ever dreamt of exploring the country like a modern nomad, with your cozy home rolling down the highway? If you're a new RV owner, that dream might feel daunting. Before you hit the road, check out these eight best travel tips designed to smooth out your first RV adventure and maximize the fun.

1. Decide Between a Towable and Motorized RV

Towable RVs are like trailers behind your car or truck. Think of them as portable homes you tow to your campsite. They're generally cheaper than motorized RVs, especially if you already have a suitable tow vehicle.

From small teardrop trailers to spacious fifth wheels, you have many options to match your needs and budget. Unlike motorized RVs, you can detach your recreational vehicle and explore the area with your tow vehicle. However, you'll need a compatible tow vehicle with enough power and capacity.

Think self-contained vans, buses, or motorhomes when talking about motorized RVs. Motorized RVs are like driving your house on wheels. Either way, they're more convenient than trailers because there's no need to tow.

Many have kitchens, bathrooms, and sleeping areas, so you can stop and rest without setting up camp. On the downside, motorized RVs can be more costly than towable vehicles, especially larger models. They have limited options (fewer sizes and styles) compared to towable vehicles and driving limitations (turning radius and maneuverability can be trickier than regular vehicles).

2. Research Your Route

Planning is one of the key RV tips for your adventure. So, use apps like Allstays or RouteScout to find RV-friendly routes, plan for weather, and discover campgrounds. As you do this, consider road size limitations, weight restrictions, and designated fuel stops for larger RVs.

Avoid areas prone to bad weather during your travel season. Book reservations in advance if needed while researching campsites in your desired area. Last-minute researching and booking can be stressful.

3. Learn Your RV Systems

Don't wait until you're at the RV park to familiarize yourself with your RV's systems. The water system will let you fill, use, and drain your freshwater tank, while the waste system comprises black and gray tanks.

You need proper dumping procedures and waste station etiquette for your RV waste. Learn how to connect to campground power, use your RV's generator, and avoid overloading circuits. The same applies to filling your propane tank, safely operating appliances, and knowing emergency shut-off procedures.

4. Pack Extra RV Toilet Essentials and Gloves

RV toilets are different from your home toilet. Dealing with any malfunctions without the right supplies can be messy. As such, you should pack extra RV toilet essentials.

Regular toilet paper can clog RV plumbing, so invest in RV-specific paper that decomposes quickly. You also need RV waste tank treatments, which are chemicals that help break down waste and reduce odors.

Disposable gloves for handling waste tanks and other sanitation tasks are essential for hygiene. The same applies to a holding tank cleaner for black and gray water tanks. It'll keep your tanks fresh and clean.

5. Carry Enough Cookware and Plan Your Meals

No one wants to be "hungry" on vacation. Pack the right cookware and stock up on the basic cooking essentials. You should also plan your meals.

Don't just rely on your home pots and pans. They may not fit your RV lifestyle. Instead, consider your RV stove size and opt for multi-purpose, lightweight options like nesting cookware or a Dutch oven.

Minimize grocery stops by planning meals. Choose dishes that utilize similar ingredients and don't require extensive prep work. Don't forget basic cooking tools like spatulas, spoons, can openers, and a compact spice rack to add flavor to your meals.

6. Arrive in Daylight

Setting up camp in the dark can be stressful and frustrating. Travel to the RV site in the daytime for easier maneuvering. Familiarizing yourself with your campsite and maneuvering your new RV is safer in daylight.

You'll set up with ease during the day. Connecting utilities, leveling your RV, and unpacking will be smoother with good visibility. After setting up, you can unwind and enjoy your surroundings instead of scrambling to finish in the dark.

7. Join Online Groups for Insider Help and Recommendations

Ever wonder where other RVers find those amazing hidden campsites or how to fix that pesky leak? Look no further than the internet. Online RV forums or Facebook groups can connect you with a wealth of experience.

From these platforms, you'll discover secret campgrounds, must-see attractions, and handy RV hacks from seasoned veterans. You'll also get personalized advice on campsites, gear, and destinations. The advice will be based on your preferences and RV style.

8. Embrace the Unexpected

Let's face it: things don't always go according to plan, especially on your first RV adventure. But don't let unexpected bumps ruin your trip. You need to approach them with a positive mindset. 

Pack a basic toolkit and essential RV accessories and supplies. You should also have emergency contact information handy. Knowing you're equipped for minor hiccups reduces stress.

When something unexpected happens, stay calm and take a deep breath. This way, you can figure out the best course of action. Panicking won't solve problems.

Don't be afraid to reach out to your online RV community, fellow campers, or RV campground manager for advice or assistance. You'd be surprised how willing people are to lend a hand. Embrace the unexpected as a chance to discover new places and learn valuable lessons.

Start Your RV Adventure With the Best Travel Tips

These eight best travel tips can help you avoid rookie mistakes and maximize your RV adventures. From campsite secrets to gear must-haves, we've got you covered. Now, pack your essentials and get ready to roll into unforgettable memories.

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