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9 Must-Have RV Kitchen Accessories for Easy Cooking on the Road

RV kitchen accessories

Did you know that more than 11 million Americans own an RV? RVs are exceptionally popular options for camping, traveling, and in many cases, for a comfortable and compact living situation.

If you're spending time in an RV, understanding how cooking in an RV works is critical. But what are the best RV kitchen accessories to make the compact space feel like a full kitchen?

If you're curious about how to manage RV kitchens, we're here to offer our guidance. Read on to learn more about what kitchen gadgets are most at home in your RV kitchens.

1. Stackable Dishes

The most restricting part of an RV kitchen is the lack of space. While this can feel cramped at first, the best way to make it feel larger is to open the space up by avoiding clutter.

Clutter can make any space feel smaller and more cramped. Studies show that clutter in our homes can make our memories worse, increase our anxiety, and have many more detrimental effects.

Stackable dishes are a great way to reduce clutter. Keep your dishes in a vertical, organized stack rather than spreading them around your kitchen. That way, you have as much counter space as you need.

2. Water Filter

Any nomad, camper, or RV enthusiast knows that clean water is one of the most important things you can have. Having a portable water filter will make sure you have clean water to drink at any time.

We suggest finding a filtered jug that fits your needs. Many retailers or camping stores carry jugs with built-in filters, but make sure it can fit neatly in your fridge. Leaving a jug out while driving can lead to spills and breakage.

You can also use these filters to refill shower bags and other portable bathing methods. Plan ahead to always have clean water when you need it.

3. Durable Cooking Dishes

Minimalism is ideal for a camper. Having too many items in your kitchen can lead to clutter, injury, and misplacing your items. But how can you pick the best dishes when you only have a few?

Arguably the most popular option is cast iron. Cast iron dishes are made of durable, hardy, and food-safe iron.

Cast iron will last as long as your RV does with the right treatment. It's also ideal as it doesn't require washing in the same way other dishes will.

Cast iron is useful for pans and skillets. While there are cast iron pots, these are less common and excessively heavy. You can often find taller, deeper cast iron pans that work similarly to saucepans or pots.

4. Collapsible Utilities

Along with stackable dishes, collapsible utilities are useful for preserving space. These are also easier to store, making it less daunting to organize your storage cabinets.

One of the most common collapsible utilities is the strainer. Segmented plastic strainers can collapse once clean, letting them lie flat.

Bowls and cups are also common collapsible items. Make sure you clean collapsible items thoroughly. In some cases, detritus can get caught in the collapsing parts.

5. Silverware Covers

Have you ever had a knife slide off the counter? If you're driving your RV, your silverware is always at risk of falling out. In the case of an automobile accident, few things can make it worse than unguarded knives and forks flying around your RV.

We strongly suggest keeping covers over your knives. These sheathes will also stop them from dulling out or rusting as quickly. They're ideal for your safety and the protection of your cooking equipment.

Forks and dull knives like butter knives are also good to cover. However, these items are less dangerous and, therefore less important.

6. Roll-Out Rack

Another great way to save space is with a roll-out rack. These racks roll out of cabinets or from against the wall to collapse your storage.

Most often, these racks are used to dry dishes. You can wash your dishes, put them in the roll-out rack, and push them out of the way until you need them. They also function as great storage.

7. Air Fryer

When it comes to cooking easy meals in your RV, it's tough to beat an air fryer. Many RV users are replacing their microwaves with an air fryer.

Some RV models also don't come with an oven. With an air fryer, you're able to cook many of the more compact meals that you would usually put in your oven. It's a wonderful way to make full RV meals or only snacks when cooking in an RV.

8. Electric Kettles

RV kitchens sometimes don't have the equipment to make beverages. If you have an air fryer and no microwave, heating up a small amount of water is difficult.

Electric kettles are a quick and safe way to warm up enough water for a snack or beverage. You can use this boiling water for instant noodles or other easy meals. It's also useful for tea, coffee, and other beverages.

9. Espresso Machine

Speaking of beverages, how do you get your morning coffee? Many coffee machines are too bulky for RV kitchens. Large machines like those that use coffee pods take up a good amount of room while also generating too much waste.

An espresso machine is the perfect gadget for your morning coffee. Espresso cups take up less room than coffee cups, and you can also use standard-sized cups if you prefer.

Espresso is also more versatile than coffee. One common coffee beverage, the americano, is espresso with hot water added. The result is essentially identical to coffee in flavor and size.

Choosing Your RV Kitchen Accessories

Customizing your RV kitchens with the right RV kitchen accessories can help make cooking in an RV a breeze. When you aren't cooking, you'll enjoy how much extra space your specialized kitchen gadgets give you.

Looking for places to take your RV and try out your new kitchen? Visit us at the Canopy RV Resort to enjoy dozens of luxury amenities, spacious RV sites, and beautiful scenery. Contact us today to plan your stay or discuss your future visit.


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