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Creative RV Campsite Setup Ideas for the Ultimate Trip

Creative RV Campsite Setup Ideas

Planning an awesome RV camping vacation? Need some help in creating a proper RV campsite setup? You've come to the right article!

Below, we're going to give you some cool RV campsite setup ideas, helping you have the best trip possible. Ready? Let's get started!

1. Invest in a Campsite Mat

Our first idea is to invest in a campsite mat. This is essentially a long rug that you can run parallel to your RV. You can use it as the foundation of your food and furniture setup, while also using it to wipe off your shoes and feet before entering your RV.

Campsite mats come in a wide variety of styles. As such, they can contribute greatly to the overall aesthetic of your campsite.

You can find campsite mats online for between $25 and $50. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so you shouldn't have much trouble finding one that meets your needs.

2. Establish a Prep Area

The campsite mat will serve as the foundation for your campsite setup. Upon this foundation, you should build up a prep area, an area where you can centralize your outdoor items such as your food tables, chairs, and coolers.

Most RVs have canopies that roll out to provide protection from rain and sun. It's under this canopy where your prep area should be established.

This will effectively become your "work" spot for the rest of the trip. You'll make food under it, you'll put your shoes on under it, and you'll use it as the go-to spot for facilitating camping tasks.

3. Add Lighting to Your Prep Area

Another thing you can do is add lighting to your prep area. This will not only make it highly useable at night, but it will also provide a new aesthetic to your campsite as a whole. If your RV has a canopy, you're strongly advised to dangle lights from it.

There are all sorts of lights available out there. You could use colored Christmas lights, white string lights, oversized bulbs, camping lanterns, and much more.

You can find these lights for purchase all over the internet. To start your search, check out this article.

4. Decorate Your Picnic Table

The vast majority of RV campsites have picnic tables present. You could, of course, leave yours unadorned. However, that's not going to do much for the overall aesthetic of your campsite.

This is why you should decorate your picnic table. Not only should you cover it with a tablecloth, but you should also top it with lights, plants, and the like.

It's certainly more inviting than a bare wood or metal table.

5. Incorporate Tiki Torches

One of the biggest problems to contend with when camping is the problem of bugs. In particular, mosquitoes tend to swarm human beings who are enjoying themselves at campsites.

How can you keep them away? Well, you can apply bug spray, for one. In addition to this, you can incorporate tiki torches into your campsite setup.

Tiki torches aren't just aesthetically pleasing sticks of fire with the ability to provide ambiance. They're also filled with citronella oil and other bug repellents, allowing them to create a substantial line of defense against bugs of all kinds.

Line your campsite with tiki torches, and you should, more or less, do away with your bug problem for the duration of your trip.

6. Bring a Hammock

Another thing you can do to spice up your campsite is to bring a hammock. Whether it's a hammock with its own base or a hammock you can hang from two trees, it will bring a whole new element to the vibe and functionality of your campsite.

Think of how nice it would feel cozying up into a hammock after a long hike. Think of how comfortable it would be reading in a hammock on a breezy afternoon day.

7. Have a Bluetooth Speaker Handy

Music is integral to creating ambiance within a campsite. You could, of course, just play music on the radio. On the other hand, you can get the exact music you want by bringing a Bluetooth speaker and hooking it up to your phone's streaming service.

The great thing about Bluetooth speakers is that there is an endless variety available. Not only can you find portable Bluetooth speakers but waterproof ones as well. And they come in a wide range of sizes.

Set it up in your prep area, bring it around the fire, and hang it up in your RV. You can even take it hiking with you.

8. Add a Personalized Sign

Our last idea for you is to add a personalized sign. This will bring an instant shot of individuality to your campsite.

For instance, you could have a sign created featuring your family's last name. Or you could create a sign featuring a unique logo. Post this by the entryway to your campsite, and you'll drastically alter its overall vibe.

Time to Put These RV Campsite Setup Ideas to Good Use

And there they are, a collection of cool RV campsite setup ideas. Ready to put these to good use? If you're looking for RV campsites in New Braunfels, TX, look no further than Canopy, our New Braunfels RV campground.

We have several different types of sites to choose from, including both back-in and pull-through sites. Offering a whole host of amenities, including Wi-Fi, a pool, walking trails, dog parks, and more, we have everything necessary to facilitate a great outdoor vacation.

Contact us now to reserve your spot!


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