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Going Green: What Are the Best RV Solar Panels?

Best RV Solar Panels

If you're like most Americans, maintaining an environmentally friendly lifestyle is likely somewhat important to you.

The past seven years have seen a surge in environmental concerns, and four in ten Americans worry about the environment "a great deal." Another 27% cite themselves as worrying a fair amount.

Getting R&R at RV site resorts is a great way to unwind and find yourself. With the best RV solar panels, you can also protect the environment and enjoy going green while on your voyage. Read on to learn the ins and outs of solar panels for RVs.

What Are RV Solar Panels?

RV solar panels are similar to those that one would install on a residential or commercial roof. However, they're much smaller and easier to manipulate. This makes them easier to transport to new locations while the user is on the go.

Solar panels are a core part of going green. They absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. Some RVs use this sunlight to power the vehicle to create a hybrid transportation system.

However, in many cases, this electricity turns into power that those inside your RV can use. Rental RVs that travel to resort sites and premium back-in trailer parks come with built-in WiFi and electronic devices. They also have good lighting and related amenities.

The solar power will ensure that these devices work for the duration of your getaway.

The Benefits of RV Solar Panels

Remote work is more common in 2023 than ever before. Currently, about 64% of employees are completely remote. This is the preferred work state of 98% of people, so remote employment is likely here to stay.

Renting out an RV can help you make the most of this lifestyle. However, it can get expensive if you're paying high electric bills for basic and luxury amenities. Solar panels keep you able to run these amenities inexpensively so that you can spend more money on new experiences.

Solar panels make it easy for you to explore remote locations and relax in resorts. You'll be able to power the battery at all times while you take a dip in the pool or a trip to the spa. There's no need to park at a special docking facility where you plug your RV into the wall and charge it up again.

Solar panels mean more freedom to travel extensively!

This isn't even to mention the environmental benefits of solar power. When you take a vacation, you get in touch with the world more than usual. Going green lets you give back to the environment you're exploring and the ecosystem that you're moving through and learning about.

The Best RV Solar Panels Available to Travelers

Some people think they can use residential solar panels on RVs. Technically, this is true, but they run at a higher voltage than RV batteries can usually handle.

Residential panels therefore perform better than those made for RVs and other moving vehicles. They absorb light more quickly and efficiently and turn it into energy.

However, this doesn't necessarily make them more efficient.

Residential solar panels are heavy and hard to mount. This presents challenges for those who are trying to get them onto the roof of an RV.

It also means you might need to pay more for fuel because of wind and weather resistance. Thick residential panels aren't very aerodynamic, and the wind will push back against them as you drive in its direction. RV-specific panels are thinner and weigh less so your vehicle can move smoothly from a resort to an adventure and back again.

PERC Solar Panels

Passivated Emitter and Rear Contact (PERC) solar panels are ideal for RVs.

This is because the heat of solar panels impacts how efficient they are. Warmer panels have a lower energy output and can lose a quarter of their potential power when they heat up too much.

The problem becomes even worse when this heat hits the roof of your RV. You'll have a really hot vehicle to contend with and aren't going to get appropriate ventilation and airflow.

PERC panels resolve this problem with an extra layer of material. The layer sits on the back of the solar panel cells so that they can collect more rays of light from the sun. This means more conversion into energy and a more efficient panel.

When you choose PERC panels, you're selecting something that allows for good ventilation. You'll be able to power all of your electrical equipment without worrying about a power outage. You won't need to pay high power bills or worry that you're not saving the environment with quality panels.

Low-Voltage Panels

Residential solar panels are fairly high-voltage. On the flip side, RV panels only work at about 20 volts. This is great for smaller RVs as well as vehicles like vans.

The benefit of a low-voltage panel is that there are a ton of options for mounting them. A rooftop mount is common. In this method, a flexible panel will be secured directly to the surface of the roof with strong adhesive backing.

However, some RV enthusiasts prefer tilt mount brackets. This holds the solar panel in place on an angle with secure fasteners. They can point directly at the sun, especially when the RV is parked at a resort on your dream trip.

Remember that all solar panels hold and store sunlight. They'll work even after the sun goes down at nighttime and provide you with sustainable power. This means that you can absorb solar energy while parked outside your favorite clubhouse, pool, or picnic table.

You don't need to be constantly using electricity to make the most of solar panel benefits.

Enjoy an RV Lifestyle Getaway

Now that you know the best RV solar panels for going green, it's time to begin planning your next adventure. Canopy RV Resort is committed to providing both short-term and long-term RV rental services with the specifically tailored amenities that matter to you.

We offer eco-friendly features as well as fast and safe internet access for remote work and entertainment. Our RVs are designed to be comfortable so you can remain well-rested when enjoying our resorts and RV sites.

Contact us to learn more about what we offer and plan your dream vacation today.

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