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A Guide to the Best RV Bunk Beds of 2023

RV bunk beds

In the USA, the average family is three to four people. It doesn't feel like a lot until you're packing everyone up to go on a vacation in the RV.

When it comes to RV living, the more space the better. That's the beauty of having bunk beds. They allow for plenty of room for essential camping items underneath.

Extra space isn't the only thing to consider when looking at RV bunk beds. Continue reading to learn more.

Why Go With a Bunk Bed Floor Plan?

There are many benefits to choosing an RV with a bunk bed floor plan. As stated above, it will allow you to save space.

You can slide a lot of your RV living must-haves right under the bed. Some models even have enough room to accommodate bikes.

RVs with a bunk bed floor plan are often the same price as other RVs, but can accommodate more people. They also have a compact design that puts them leagues ahead of other RVs in terms of maneuverability and gas mileage.

Best RVs With Bunk Beds

When it comes to choosing RVs with a bunk bed design, you have options. Here are a few that you should put at the top of your list to make your next trip a success.

Grand Design Imagine

The Grand Design Imagine has a set of bunk beds, complete with a ladder and privacy curtains. Your children will be able to store their bikes under the beds.

There's an additional room in the RV with a large queen-sized bed for parents. Behind the bed, there are a set of cabinets for storage.

It's not just the bedrooms that are spacious. There's also storage for fishing rods, and other large items that you'll use once you arrive at the RV park.

The 2021 Jay Flight

The 2021 Jay Flight has two spacious rooms. The first room at the back of the trailer has three bunk beds. The master room toward the front of the RV has a large queen bed.

This setup is perfect for parents with children. The kids can have the bunk bed while the parents get to have the privacy of the master bedroom.

Despite having three bunk beds, the back bedroom is surprisingly spacious. It has an entertainment center and a fold-down table. You'll also find that there's plenty of room left over for storage.

Starcraft Autumn Ridge Travel Trailer

Starcraft has a total of 23 floorplans with bunk beds. This model can sleep up to ten people. One room has flip bunk beds, while the one right across from it has a second set.

There's a private room with a larger bed that can sleep a few people. If that's not enough, you can put someone on the Jackknife sofa.

Allegro Red

The Allegro Red is the perfect solution for larger families. The back of the trailer has a master bedroom with its own bathroom and laundry area.

Next to the kitchen, you'll find a set of bunk beds. If you need extra sleeping space, you can install a third bunk bed overhead. If four RV beds aren't enough, the couch in the living room area can sleep a few people.

Jayco White Hawk

A Jayco White Hawk RV can sleep up to seven people. One room has a set of 50" X 74" bunk beds.

At the front of the RV, there's a private room with a sofa that you can use as additional seating during the day. At night, you can fold it out into a large queen bed that can easily accommodate a few people.

Best RV Mattresses

Having an RV with a bunk bed is all well and good, but what about comfort? Most RV beds come with mattresses, and while they'll suit the purpose of sleeping, they aren't always comfortable.

Many people toss out the factory mattresses in their RV and replace them with a better option. These are only a few that will have your family sleeping like a baby.

Dreamfoam Essential

Dreamfoam essential mattresses come in a wide range of heights and sizes, so it won't be difficult for you to find the right fit for your RV bunk beds.

Its contouring memory foam makes it ideal for side sleepers. While this mattress is soft, it's not so cushiony that it causes back and stomach sleepers to sink down too much.

The 14-inch option is the softest model, but it can be a bit impractical for many RVs. You may want to go for one of the firmer models. It will suit your needs without having too much dimension for your RV.

The foam contains a cooling gel that will keep you and your family comfortable during summer road trips.

Dynasty CoolBreeze Gel

Dynasty CoolBreeze Gel mattresses are affordable and ideal for RV living. The isolated movement technology will make it easier for your family to sleep while the vehicle is in motion. The cooling gel is perfect for those who overheat.

This medium-firm mattress will contour to your body while supporting you as you sleep. The machine-washable cover allows for easy cleaning and odor relief.

ORB Performance Hybrid

ORB Performance Hybrid mattresses come in a wide range of sizes and three different firmness options that can accommodate everyone in your family.

The most popular firmness option is medium. It provides enough contouring and cushioning for side sleepers to get the best night's sleep.

A long day of hiking and walking can do a number on your body. This mattress can ease your aches and pains with its Far Infrared Ray technology. It will take your body temperature and turn it into infrared energy that goes back into your body to promote healing.

Your Guide to RV Bunk Beds

RV bunk beds aren't just space-saving. They can also accommodate more people, making them ideal for vacationers with large families. As you can see, there are plenty of RV bed options.

Many floor plans include at least one room with bunk beds that will make your stay at Canopy RV Resort even more comfortable.

We're a full-luxury resort with dog parks, convenience stores, recreational activities, bathhouses, and a large pool. Contact us to reserve your stay!


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