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Proper RV Care: 5 Simple Ways to Keep Your RV Clean and Organized

RV Care: RV Clean and Organized

You're stressed and need some time away, so you decide to take your RV and go on a trip. However, there's a big problem: your RV is cluttered, disorganized, and maybe even dirty.

The RV mess is causing you stress. Not a great way to enjoy your time away!

The solution is proper RV care, where everything is tidy, has a place, and looks and feels clean and safe.

Making the most out of your RV space and keeping it clean and organized isn't that different from making the most out of a tiny house or smaller home. However, if you're still struggling and frustrated by the process of keeping your RV clean and organized, here are 5 tips to help you with your RV care.

1. Conduct Regular Inspections

Prior to putting your RV into storage and prior to taking it out on a road trip, give your RV a thorough inspection. Look for signs of wear and tear. This could be worn tires, a malfunctioning heating or cooling unit, or problems with critical systems such as electricity or plumbing.

Identify and repair any of these issues before they become more serious. Otherwise, you risk your safety. Nevermind the mess that will occur if your plumbing is not working correctly or if you get caught out in a storm with a leaky roof.

Aside from the danger to yourself and others, you could wind up with a very wet interior - which is probably not what you want on your RV trip.

2. Minimal and Collapsible Cookware

Some cookware will be essential for your RV trip. However, you can always review what items you have and determine if they are absolutely essential for your needs.

Is it something you often use for cooking while away from home? Or is it something you use no more than a couple of times a year? If it's the latter, consider leaving it at home.

For your remaining cookware, consider replacing it with collapsible cookware. Look into camping bowls and cups. These are small, portable dishes that collapse or fold into a smaller profile, making them easy to shove into a small drawer.

3. Declutter Everything

Don't just examine what cookware you need; examine everything you have packed away in your RV and determine if it's necessary. RV organizing should always start with the decluttering process.

If decluttering seems intimidating, start small. Focus on one drawer or one area of your RV. One that has been decluttered, move on to another space.

If you stay at an RV park, like our resort, you will need to pack even fewer things. We have an onsite laundry room, so you can wash and dry your clothes instead of packing extras to get you through your trip. We also have a fully stocked convenience store, so you can pick up any food or drinks as you go.

4. Store Items Where You Need Them

RV cleaning is more decluttering. You should make sure your items are stored where you need them the most. If your pantry goods are scattered throughout the RV, or your clothes are stowed away somewhere, move them to the appropriate spaces.

While traversing the interior of an RV means you won't be walking too far, you don't want to have to squeeze past someone every time you need something.

For items you don't use every day, sneak them into lesser-used storage spaces, such as closets. You can also buy additional storage, such as a shower organizer or hanging hooks for the backs of doors.

5. Clean the Roof

Your RV takes a beating. It's part vehicle and part home, so it endures the stress of road travel plus the stress of natural disasters, inclement weather, and regular wear and tear. That also means the roof gets dirty and needs to be cleaned.

Fortunately, it's not too hard to clean your RV roof. First, make sure all doors and windows are closed and sealed tightly. Then spray down the front, back, and sides of your RV.

Spray your roof down. Apply the RV cleaning product of your choice. It should be a gentle product like Dawn or another non-abrasive cleaning product.

You can also buy a specific RV roof cleaner. Look for one that is not citric acid or petroleum-based, so it won't damage your roof.

Once the detergent is applied, gently scrub in circular motions, covering your whole roof.

Now rinse off your cleaner and give your roof a close inspection. If it is still dirty, it may need another round of cleaning. Otherwise, you are good to go.

A word of caution: your RV roof may not be safe to work on. Many are not designed to support the weight of an adult walking on them.

However, if you absolutely need to get on top of your RV's roof or are wondering if it's safe, check out these safety tips. If you aren't sure, don't risk it.

Follow These Tips for RV Care

RV care is easy if you follow these tips. Now all you need is a great place to stay. That is where we can help.

Canopy RV Resort is more than an RV park. We are a full-featured luxury resort. We are conveniently located minutes away from top local attractions such as The Bandit Golf Club, Schlitterbahn Water Park, and Landa Park.

Enjoy our resort-style pool or our exercise facility. Or take your dogs for a walk in one of our dog parks.

Come join us at Canopy RV Resort. Make a reservation for your next RV trip.


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