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8 Terrific RV Kitchen Storage Ideas

RV Kitchen Storage Ideas

Have you ever looked on in envy as a professional TV chef prepares a meal from a spotless, perfectly organized kitchen?

Every pan is ready, washed, and to hand when they need it. And ingredients lay in neat rows, labeled and arranged pristinely. It's a far cry from the bustling chaos that faces most of us when we attempt a recipe.

RV kitchens make this even more of a challenge, with limited space. Luckily, there are many product storage innovations to the rescue. Learn about our top eight space-saving RV kitchen storage ideas.

1. Hanging Storage

Organized storage is always a challenge for life in an RV. You'll need a solution that maximizes the RV space you have.

That's why a hanging organizer is a valuable idea. It helps you make more of your vertical space and is a neat way to store cooking utensils. Plus, it's convenient when you are cooking.

Everything you need is within easy reach, and you won't have to search in cupboards or drawers. That's a bonus if you lend your RV to friends or family.

Vertical storage is versatile, so you can get a hanging option to suit, including hooks, magnets, or even wooden racks secured to the wall of your RV kitchen.

It's also visually appealing, and some stylish colors or textures will help improve the decor.

2. Baskets

Baskets look stylish and are a big trend in home decor right now. They are cheap and easy to add to open shelving in your kitchen for extra storage. They won't require installation time or tools.

You can use it to store spices, food packets, or linens, or simply to declutter your kitchen space. They're also easy and low-level for children to access, so you can use them to store items they need, like snacks and juice boxes.

Look for space below the kitchen units, as RV kitchens often underutilize these places. It's a great way to maximize what you have without adding any notable storage areas to your RV.

3. Collapsible Storage Solutions

One of the more innovative storage ideas you can try in your RV is purchasing collapsible items.

Many products on the market these days fit that category and include bowls, cups, and even kettles. And, of course, they include food storage containers. It's perfect when you are traveling and don't want to have many bulky items to carry.

It will help keep your RV organized and decluttered. Most collapsible storage is made with durable and lightweight materials like silicone. So it's safe, easy to clean, and convenient.

It means you can travel without worrying about lacking a vital kitchen appliance.

4. Over-the-Door Storage

Cabinet doors are a surprisingly underused space in RVs for storage. Fortunately, there are many clever storage solutions that are perfect for this area of your RV kitchen.

It helps you to organize your space more efficiently. These solutions hang over the tops of doors, so they won't require drilling or gluing, making them ideal if you need temporary storage.

Given the vertical space a door provides, it's also highly versatile.

It can hold longer, more awkwardly-sized kitchen items like barbecue tools that might not fit in drawers. And it's big enough to store bulky items like baking sheets or cleaning supplies.

These over-door storage solutions are often made with material or metal, giving you a lightweight option or something more robust, depending on what you need to store.

5. Ceiling-Mounted Storage

Another vertical storage idea you might want to try is hanging storage from your ceiling space in your RV. That is the ideal solution if you don't have many options on doors or cabinets for adding extra storage.

When you suspend storage from the ceiling, you have a rack space that you can use for pots and pans. It looks good, it's space-saving, and it's highly convenient.

You'll have pots to hand when cooking instead of opening and closing cabinet doors in a small kitchen area. It's often a good way of storing larger cooking pots that may not fit on shelves or in kitchen drawers.

These storage options are often made of sturdy metal to cope with heavier items. Still, you must ensure they fit correctly in your RV ceiling.

6. Magnetic Holders

If you love to cook in your RV, you have probably accumulated a lot of weird and wonderful spices over time. These are must-haves for any budding chef, but finding cupboard space in an RV is not always easy.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Using magnetic strips, you can add compact containers to your RV walls or cabinets.

These are ideal for holding small items like spices.

It looks organized and means you have all your cooking ingredients close to hand, in neat rows, and clearly labeled. So you won't have to upturn half the cupboards in your kitchen looking for that ground coriander you're convinced you bought.

7. Slide-Out Shelves

Shelves with smooth slide-out features are perfect for hard-to-reach spaces like corner cupboards. They'll help you maximize your space, using even the deepest and most remote corners of your kitchen.

It also makes finding the items you need easier, saving you time when cooking or organizing your kitchen. These slide-out shelves are easy to add to existing cupboards and perfect for storing canned or dried goods.

8. Stackable Bins

Storage bins stacked on top of one another reduce kitchen clutter without encroaching on floor space in a small RV kitchen.

You can use these to keep your kitchen organized, segregating and labeling each bin and stacking them on top of one another.

These bins often have handles, making them easy to move around. So, they are perfect when traveling and transporting items from your home kitchen to your RV.

RV Kitchen Storage Ideas

These eight RV kitchen storage ideas should offer plenty of inspiration for your next RV trip.

It means you won't have to compromise on space or kitchen use. You may even have enough room to entertain guests with your culinary masterpieces.

Now that your kitchen is organized, it's time to plan your next RV trip. With fantastic amenities and beautiful green spaces, Canopy RV Resorts is a must-visit and will make your vacation memorable. Plan your stay with us here.


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