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Tips for Planning an Exciting Cross Country RV Trip

Cross Country RV Trip

Traveling in an RV has gained popularity constantly over the last 20 years. There are around 11 million households in the United States that own an RV.

A cross-country RV trip is a thrilling adventure. You'll explore new landscapes and create amazing memories. 

However, to ensure your trip lives up to your expectations, you'll need to spend some time planning your trip. There are a lot of considerations to keep in mind. Failing to prepare could make your trip more difficult and less enjoyable.

This outlines the steps you need to take to ensure your RV road trip is exciting from start to finish. 

Create a Flexible Itinerary

Before you get on the road, it's crucial that you spend time creating a flexible itinerary. This will allow you to make the most of your journey and enhance your overall experience. 

You never know when an unexpected opportunity will arise. If you have a driving itinerary, you may miss a great experience. 

Having a flexible schedule leaves room for spontaneity, while also reducing the stress of meeting specific deadlines. You won't have to rush through your drive. 

Research Routes

Depending on your final destination, there will be multiple routes to choose from. Some may be more scenic, while others may get you to your final destination quicker. 

Plan your route based on national parks and interesting landmarks. You'll also want to consider construction. 

You can use online tools to identify road work and plan accordingly. There are also apps that can help you find RV-friendly routes, campgrounds, and services. 

Check and Prepare Your RV

The last thing you want is for your RV to break down on your trip. Inspecting your vehicle and having it serviced before you drive off will help reduce the risk of complications. 

Check the engine, systems, brakes, tires, and electrical components. This will ensure your RV is in the best condition possible and you won't have to worry about making repairs on the road. 

Pack Strategically 

When you're packing your RV, you'll need to be strategic. You're limited on space and packing too much could clutter your RV. You also don't want to forget the essentials. 

First, you'll need to pace the essentials. You'll need to consider the weather and pack clothing suitable for the location you're going to. 

When you're packing your personal items and clothes, it can be easy to forget cooking items and essentials. You'll likely be preparing food and meals in your RV and you need supplies to do so. 

Be sure to put your insurance, registration, and identification in your RV as well. Having a first aid kit can also come in handy when you're road-tripping.

Communicate With Loved Ones

When you're planning a trip, you should talk to your family and friends before you leave. Giving someone your itinerary will ensure you're safe. 

This is especially true if you're traveling solo. You need to pack reliable commutation tools. Having a cell phone booster or satellite phone will ensure you can get in touch with people, even in remote areas. 

Create a Budget 

A cross-country RV trip can be an affordable way to travel, but if you don't have a budget, it'll be easy to spend a lot of money. 

Costs can add up quickly if you aren't prepared. Research campground fees and add in unexpected costs. You should include money for meals, gas, and treasures you find on your trip. 

Having a clear budget will allow you to manage your finances. You don't want to stress about money when you're going on a trip. 

Embrace Finding RV Campsites 

There are RV-friendly campgrounds all around the United States. You should take advantage of these sites. 

However, you should be proactive about reserving your spot. Oftentimes, campgrounds fill up, especially during popular times.

Doing your research will also allow you to find the best campsites, so you know you're safe. You should have your campsite fee ready, so getting set up will be a smooth process. 

Lots of campgrounds have amenities such as laundry services, recreational activities, and full water hookups. These areas can also give you a sense of community when you're traveling for days or weeks. 

Practice Driving 

If you've recently purchased your RV, you may not be completely comfortable driving it. Spend some time practicing around town. 

An RV can be difficult to handle even if you've been driving one for years. Unfamiliar roads can make the trip stressful at times.

Be sure to drive at a comfortable speed and always be mindful of the size of your vehicle. If you're traveling alone, take your frequent breaks. If you're traveling with a partner, switch drivers often. 

Plan for Health and Safety 

You could be traveling hundreds of miles every day. This can be dangerous as you're going places you've never been. 

Before you take off on your journey, ensure you have all your medication. You should also familiarize yourself with local healthcare facilities. 

Have emergency contact information in an accessible location. While you don't want to think about something bad happening, it's important to be prepared. 

Document Your Journey 

RV travel can add some adventure to your life. You'll experience new things and see new places. 

During your entire cross-country RV trip, document your adventures. Take pictures, videos, and journal about what you've seen and what you've done. 

Documenting your journey will allow you to share your adventures with friends and family when you get back. In the future, you may want to look back and remember your trip.

Having photos and momentoes to look back at will bring you joy over and over again. 

Tips for a Cross-Country RV Trip

RV travel is fulfilling, but it can be hard to plan an entire road trip. As you can see, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider.

Don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed. Planning the trip can be fun as well. Creating a checklist and using the tips above will allow you to enjoy the entire cross-country RV trip. 

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